2 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical social media: the tortoise and the hare…

  1. Hi Ellen,

    Lee Aase, who heads up social media marketing over at the Mayo Clinic, is a great guy and would be a wonderful man for you to interview here. I’ve been on panels with him and the Mayo Clinic has had wonderful results from their social media outreach.

    They’ve been able to extend their leadership role in healthcare through their use of video to showcase internal hospital events, etc.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the notion that a strategy of engagement, education and learning is what’s being sought when people go online to look for healthcare. (See my post about the most recent Pew Internet Study stats showing healthcare information search is the number 3 activity online here.)

    TV used to be the big medium for information about drugs and healthcare. Now the Internet is. Can’t wait for pharma to catch up!

    • Janet,

      Thank you for your suggestion to interview Lee Aase. I love the new additions mayoclinic.com has made to their social media effort through the broader use of testimonials.

      And thank you for passing along your blog on the most recent Pew Internet Study. I’ve passed it along!

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