Pharma: Dip Your Toes and Other Tips From DTC Perspectives Conference

We’re in the midst of conference-frenzy.  Last week I was able to attend day two of DTC Perspective’s Fall Conference: Reform & Refocus  (For twitter followers: #dtcfall). Here are some of the key themes that I picked up:

  • Dip-your-toes approach. This was said over and over about social media. Get started, and evolve as you learn and your company becomes more comfortable with the effort. (This is also a common theme in Digital Pharma’s conference taking place this week. #digpharm)
  • Remember your overall marketing strategy–Before you clarify objectives  for social media and start running with tactics…
  • Give the team TIME. Initiating new social media programs took many more hours and resources than originally planned. And there is always the unexpected…
  • The Internet is for marketing-not just advertising. This also requires a shift in mindset. (Bill Drummy of Heartbeat Digital)
  • Technology is moving oh soooo fast-Mobile, video, ‘smart’ advertising using behavioral data, gaming and of course social media are musts to be more than experimenting with in 2010.

During day two, two presentations stood out to me:

Hologic and Greater Than One: How Social Media Can Become Real in Healthcare.  Marnie Rosenberg, Partner, Greater Than One and Mary Pietrowski Director of Consumer and eMarketing of Hologic did a great job presenting four case studies, including a branded YouTube video. This is also where the infamous twitter tweet: “60% consumers don’t care who sponsors health info- just want good info, community-value”. (Turns out it’s based on Infomedics Survey.) They also presented iCrossing data showing that of the online tools and websites, social media is used by 34% to locate healthcare information.

The On Demand Brand (book due out spring, 2010) by Rick Mathieson: Digital to Consumer– The 5 Top Trends in 2010

  1. Social Networking of course…Regarding video, Rick presented data saying that nearly 50% of US adults say online video is a key way they research DTC drugs. His suggestions for pharma: use Social Media more for event based marketing, keep it social and targeted.
  2. Smart Advertising using behavioral data, but being careful not to target too well or to become invasive
  3. Mobile, especially texting, apps and use of QR codes
  4. Video Games For Health and Advergaming (See my blog covering 2009 Games For Health Conference and PharmExec article Video Games: Key To The Future of Healthcare?)
  5. Augmented Reality. The rules: Entertain, Educate and Engage

Wrapping up the conference, there was a good panel discussion with Pharma Marketers and Industry experts on The Use of Online Video in DTC Marketing led by Raj Amin, CEO, HealthiNation. Monique Levy @monasante also reviewed some recent Manhattan Research data. One of the points she made was that 25% of consumers view video on sites.

Overall, the discussion centered around the big opportunity of video and suggestions to optimize its use e.g.: keep it moving (no more than 2-3 minutes) and tell an interesting story with great content.  Saatchi Wellness talked to their successful rooster campaign and the move from unbranded to branded. Nike was also discussed as a great example of parceling out video info depending on a consumer’s interest. They keep initial video short, but enable additional video watching for those who want more info etc.

Any other thoughts?  Overall, day two was a good day!


2 thoughts on “Pharma: Dip Your Toes and Other Tips From DTC Perspectives Conference

  1. Thanks for summarizing the key points for us. Some interesting data that supports the importance of video. Blended search, and the fact that websites are being pushed off the first page of results by videos and photos, is another impetus.

    • Eileen

      Thanks for your comments. I share your enthusiasm for pharma to think more about how to use interesting video content to help improve search and consumer engagement…Ellen

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