Some Of The Best 2011 Pharma Blogs: Marketing – Social Media – ePatients

Here are but a few of the many thoughtful blogs and predictions written in 2011 covering pharma marketing, social media and ePatient happenings…

Some Of The Best 2011 Pharma Blogs: Marketing - Social Media - ePatientsphoto: Traveling Content

But remember…
 “It wouldn’t be New Year’s if I didn’t have regrets.” -William Thomas

What did you learn this year?

What will you do differently in 2012?

Enjoy…and wishing you all a most joyous, healthy and prosperous new year!

Pharma Marketing and #fdasm

AZ Heatlh Connections:  FDA Issues Social Media GuidanceReal World Challenges to Communicating Real World Experience
Back of the Book:  Is Your Brand Healthy and Thriving? Complementary eBook
ePharma Rx: Social Media Posts That Keep Pharma Up at Night
exl Digital Pharma Blog: Transform or Be Transformed: Digital Pharma East Day 2 Wrap-up

GSK: First In Health: The Medical Home Approach to Disease Management
Health Affairs Blog: Patient Medication Aderence: The Next Act
Healthy Conversations: New Insights for Healthcare  Marketers: IBM Global CMO Study Ignite Health: The Ticket Store Game Launches Online
Impactivity:  How Can We…?Doc Driven or Rep Driven?
Med 2.0: The 6 P’s of Social Health- Reflections on SXSH 2011
Pew Internet & American Life Project: Pew Internet HealthThe Social Life of Health Information 2011
Pharma Marketing Blog: Social Media Guidelines May be Moot if This Court Decision Holds Up
Pharma Executive Blog: Should the US Gamble with Risk Sharing?, 10 Emergency Brand Building Questions
Pixels and Pills: Adapt or Die: Why Pharma Needs To Get In Line, The Tyranny of Tech: Can Your Business Work Unplugged?
Science Roll: 12 Predictions for Healthcare, Technology and Innovation in 2012Top Medical Social Media Stories of 2011
Siren Song and PharmPhorum:  Rare Disease Patients are the Power Users of Social Media
Wall Street Health Blog:  Best of the Health Blog 2011: CDC’s Zombie Warnings, Lipitor and Steve Jobs

ePharma and Social Media

Back of the Book: Pharma: Are you Ready to Optimize Your Digital Strategy Now?
Dose of Digital: Digital marketing Lessons From 2011′s Top Memes , The Right Way to Use the Facebook Like Button
Eye on FDA:  A Pharms Social Media OverviewWill Pharma Embrace Google+?
Edleman Health Barometer:  Must Reads: Digital Innovation  Opportunity in Health
Health is Social:  X% Body + Y% Words + Z% Pheremones = The Enigma of Social Media
PharmaPhorum and Social Moon: 6 of the Best: Digital Predictions for 2012 Part 2, Part 1
Mayo Clinic: Kidney Donor Found Via Social Media
Why Dot Pharma: Why Pharma Engagement on Twitter Matters
World of DTC Marketing: Some New Fundamental Features Every Health Site Should Have

Mobile Health

exl Digital Pharma: Think Mobile. Think Small- 14 Mobile Musts From the Mobile Experts
Intouch Solutions: Looking Forward to 2012: Mobile is Everywhere
mHealth Insight: Telecare Aware Provocative mHealth Presentation
Path of the Blue Eye: Mobile Health: Hype or Hope
PharmaPhorum and Ignite Health: mHealth- The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Mobile Electronic Health Records
Pharma Marketing Blog: Games vs. Mobile Health Monitoring Devices- Which is a Better Motivator?

ePatients and Physicians

ePatient Dave: 2010, 11,12: Patient Engagement Rising, Right into the Media Lab’s Hackathon Nancy Finn: Personalized Medicine and Participatory Medicine IntersectEllen Hoenig Carlson: Patients Beware: 1 out of 3 Subject to Hospital Error
DC Patient: The 5 Myths of Patient Engagement With HIT
Diabetes Mine: The Best Of the Diabetes Bogosphere Diabetes Advocacy Orgs: 2011 Milestones and What To Expect in 2012
Digital Medicine:  Infographic: Rise of the Digital Doctor
Healthcare Blog: How Doctors Die
Kevin MD:  The Rise of Citizen Scientists and Patient Initiated Research,  Patients Who Bill Their Doctor For Being LateI Eat Lunch With Drug Company Representatives and I’m Proud Of It
Not Running A Hospital: Really The Most Significant?
Nurse Loretta: Diabetes Doesn’t Have to Slow You Down- Get Tested- Especially Young Adults and Teens!
Patient POV: Patient POV’s Best of 2011
Pharma Strategy blog:  Making a Difference in the Lives of Cancer Patients: An Interview with Dr. Charles Sawyers
Siren Song:  The Social Media Sites Physicians Use
Six Until Me:   We’re More Than Our Numbers, 30 Things About My Invisible Illness 2011,  e-Patient Connections: A Patient Checks In
The Well Blog: The Provider Will See You Now
33 Charts: Distracted Doctoring

I’m sure that I missed many a good post. Feel free to add ones that you particularly like in the comments section! Cheers!

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