7 Marketing [And Life] Lessons From My Summer Vacation

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since I wrote Marketing Lessons From Our Family Camping Weekend. This summer we spent a week on Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Mountains near Lake Placid NY, with three generations, ages ranging from 9 to 87.

Before the blush of summer vacation wears off, here are my key takeaways:

1. Listen like your life depends on it.  During our first family rafting trip down the rapids after heavy rains, my listening, and that of my husband and three boys, greatly improved when we knew our safety depended on it!  When there was a sense of conviction attached to our leader’s words and we were bumping around not sure if we were going to stay in or get tumbled overboard, our listening improved!

We all know that listening is a critical success factor today, and that there are many services and tools out there to help us do it better. .. But unless you are listening ‘like your life or business depends on it’, the words going in may not be really registering or garnering the necessary action.  The river also taught us that if our leader said stop, you had to stop immediately, not one stroke earlier or one stroke later, as that would cause us to over shoot or under shoot our path…It wasn’t enough to just listen, we had to listen and act immediately! Continue reading

Marketing Lessons From Our Family Camping Weekend!

Each summer we go camping with a few families to a different state park within a 4-6 hour drive.  It has become one the summer highlights for all of the kids.  As parents, each year we’re surprised just how much fun everyone has, but it’s almost always not due to what we originally thought would be fun going into the weekend, but due to something simple and uniquely inherent to the particular camp site.  As a result, the parents have moved to continually simplify our camping weekends over time so we adults can also enjoy! (All of you seasoned campers can appreciate how much planning and organization is required to have a smooth camping experience)

This year we went to the Beaverkill region in New York, also known as the ‘home of fly fishing’, and a very beautiful area.  On the drive home, we stopped to catch a late lunch; walking by a store, I saw this “pillow” in the window:  “Save if for your blog”… So here goes, a few of the lessons that emerged from this year’s camping weekend:  Continue reading