Marketing to Moms? Read the “Digital Mom” report!

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki’s blog earlier this month (best selling author of Reality Check), I had a chance to read his topline and the new report by Razorfish and CafeMom entitled: “Digital Mom” (You need to click on the download PDF icon to read the report which is the second to the last icon in the nav bar.)

This is a great read for anyone who is trying to engage and market products or services for Moms.

A few highlights for those of who want to reach Moms:

  1. Digital Moms are more tech-savvy than many think and they are not a niche; they have, in fact, become the mainstream, representing an estimated 84% of moms online in the US today. (Findings project to 84% of online women with children under 18 in the HH, as per Nielsen NetRatings @Plan Winter 2008/2009)
  2. “Social media and text messaging, instant messaging, and gaming, now used by the majority of digital moms, are no longer niche activities. Therefore, marketers have an opportunity to use communications channels like social networking, text messaging and gaming to facilitate conversation among moms and influence decision making.” (And I’d add to educate too.)  Continue reading